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It’s the highlight of my day! All the instructors are wonderful and have something different to offer. Both studios are super welcoming to every body. My friends are probably tired of me talking about Pilates so much but it is truly a great experience every time!

The Highlight of My Day


Wild Lemon has become one of my favorite places in Pensacola. The staff go above and beyond for all of their students and make this a place that keeps you coming back. I had never tried a true Pilates class before coming here almost 2 years ago and now I can never go back. Don't miss out on the best spaces to workout in Pensacola!

One of My Favorite Places


The instructors are all friendly and helpful, making sure they are aware of the levels and any accommodations needed for all attendees. They create such a welcoming and inclusive experience for anyone and everyone interested in attending. Classes at wild lemon have easily become the best part of my day - I always leave feeling mentally and physically refreshed!

The Best Part of My Day


I’ve tried a few different classes at Wild Lemon and they’ve all been enjoyable. Reformer classes with Brandi R. have been my new favorite thing to look forward too each week. Their private session to get you comfortable is also a blessing! Highly recommend. Super friendly and inclusive staff and workouts for everyone.

Super Friendly & Inclusive


Inclusive! Fun! Motivating! I was very anxious to start any kind of group class, especially a type of movement I had never done, and I was able to ease in so comfortably here! Every instructor has been welcoming and kind. I am still working through their list of different types of classes and love the variety offered.

Inclusive! Fun! Motivating!


You will not find a more supportive environment to meet your health and fitness goals! All of the instructors are incredible, and it is so nice to see so many different kinds of people in classes—all ages, genders, and body types. Pilates is for every body!

Pilates is for Every Body!


If you want to change up your workout routine, or challenge yourself, this is such a fun and encouraging environment to be that you don't feel intimidated going into it. Go in with an open mind, and you'll leave feeling proud for pushing yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone.

You'll Leave Feeling Proud


I have been going to classes for about 2 months now, and I can say that Pilates is changing my life in every aspect. I started going because it felt like the best workout for me, someone lacking motivation but wanting to feel healthier and build strength and confidence. Over the weeks, I am feeling more confident with my body.

Pilates is Changing My Life


Wild Lemon is a safe place to connect with your body and improve your overall health. Every instructor is passionate and happy to help modify movements to better fit your body’s needs. Bonus points for also being able to connect to a wonderful community of people!

A Safe Place to Connect


Wild Lemon is where I go to focus on my health and wellness. My practice there allows me to be in the moment to clear my mind and nourish my body. The mental and physical benefits are fantastic!

Nourishes My Body


Loving this place and how committed to teaching the instructors are. Finally found a great place to workout that is encouraging, supportive, and inspiring. 10 stars!

Found a Great Place to Workout


I always feel incredibly welcomed no matter who the teacher is for the class. Every class has exceeded my expectations.

I Always Feel Welcomed


What an amazing studio space & instructor! Kiley was so welcoming to me for my first Pilates class. This is truly a judgement free zone and I felt so comfortable.

A Judgement-Free Zone


Excellent experience! I felt very supported and had enough personal instruction in a group class to have confidence throughout. Thank you for a great class.

I Felt Very Supported


Such a nice, welcoming studio with gifted instructors. Highly recommend for people of all ages and fitness levels!

For People of All Fitness Levels


Every instructor I’ve had brings something different to every class. Even on a rough day, the instructors are always encouraging and remind me to listen to my body. I would recommend Wild Lemon to anyone looking for a different studio or to start out new. I look forward to class anytime I book and leave feeling better!

I Leave Feeling Better


I've never really been a gym person, but the vibes at Wild Lemon are unlike any gym I've ever been to. It's a radically welcoming environment from the moment you walk in the door. It's so fun and challenging in all the right ways. Kylie is an amazing and caring instructor, offering a ton of 1:1 coaching and modifications where needed.

Unlike Any Gym I've Ever Been To


Beautiful studio and amazing team!

Beautiful Studio & Amazing Team